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Maths Optional UPSC Course [Admissions are Closed]

Score 360+ marks in Maths!

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Why this course?


Score 360+ in Maths and secure your IAS Dream!

Learn the art of scoring 360+ in Maths from IAS, IPS, IFS toppers. After analysis of previous 25 year papers, Team Acads has deviced strategy to score 360+ in Maths optional.

Acads Maths course comprises of:

  1. Question bank of over 2000+ questions comprising of Not only previous 20 year question papers but also expected questions for CSE 2020. 
  2. Guidance videos by experts on each topic with tips and tricks to give you an edge of over 40+ marks over others.
  3. Forum: Topic wise syllabus coverage with discussion forum attached to each topic to ensure systematic syllabus coverage
  4. Compact Notes of 460 pages which allows you to complete Maths syllabus in 52 hours. The notes have been prepared after analysis of trends and patterns of PYQs
  5. Simulator Tests: [Maths+ only] Tests especially prepared by IAS toppers using AI based algorithsm to mimic the exact pattern of UPSC CSE. Test will be checked as per UPSC methodology. 
  6. LaTEX Notes: We provide only neat and clean LaTEX printed Notes only. Studies have shown handwritten messy notes not only cause strain to eyes, it also reduces productivity by 34%


Note: Course will be uploaded as per scientifically designed schedule aimed at learning optimization and maximum retention of content.

Package Contents

Complex Analysis
Partial Differential Equations
3D Analysis
Linear Algebra
Linear Programming
Modern Algebra
Vector Analysis
Fluid Dynamics
Real Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equations

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