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Microschool Volume I

Learn something remarkable everyday!

Language: English

Instructors: Acads

Validity Period: 150 days

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Why this course?


This is a compilation of 20 lessons from microshool. 

For most of us, everyday learning is a necessity, not joy. What if we can find a few moments of joyful learning?

Microschool aims to do just that! By blending storytelling, quizzing and exceptional YouTube videos, Microschool teaches something remarkable to its subscribers everyday. Each lesson lasts for 12 minutes or less, and topics are carefully chosen to broaden your interests including everything from politics to economics, science to geography, and so on.

Microschool is an initiative by IITB alum Rajat Sir. MicroSchool and Acads are working together to provide our learners with the most innovative learning experience.

The joy of Essay and Answer Writing with Microschool.

Consider the following pointers:

  • Picking upon the keywords
  • Impressive Introduction via anecdote, data, recent events, etc.
  • Clarity of Expression
  • Coherence of ideas
  • Flow of thoughts
  • Case studies, success stories 
  • Forward looking conclusion

And you can yourself add many more such points to the list. Believe us, it's the easiest thing for anybody to tell you "What" to do. 

The magic trick however lies in "How".

Each lesson of Microschool is like a step by step guide to writing an impressive Essay/ GS answer. Be it any topic from Economy, IR, Social Issues, S&T, etc.

After going through this lesson throughly (~ 20 minutes) you will have enough ideas for your essay writing, that too in a meaningful coherent order. Moreover, it would help you in building up of analytical abilities which are useful for your interview.

Course Curriculum

Rules! Preview
Lesson 1 [Social Issues]
Lesson 1 Preview
Essay Assignment Preview
Lesson 2 [International Relations]
Lesson 2
Answer Writing Time
Lesson 3 [World Geography]
Lesson 3
Quiz Time!
Lesson 4
Lesson 4 [World Geography]
Lesson 5
Lesson 5 [Social Issues]
Assignment Time
Lesson 6
Lesson 6 [Economy]
Think and write!
Lesson 7
Lesson 7 [Evnvironment]
Lesson 8
Lesson 8 [Infrastructure]
Answer Writing Time
Lesson 9
Lesson 9 [Economy]
Lesson 10
Lesson 10 [Polity]
Assignment Time
Lesson 11
Lesson 11 [Economy]
Lesson 12
Lesson 12 [Environment]
Answer Writing Time
Lesson 13
Lesson 13 [Economy]
Lesson 14
Lesson 14 [Social Issues]
Assignment Time
Lesson 15
Lesson 15 [World History]
Lesson 16
Lesson 16 [Polity]
Answer Writing Time
Lesson 17
Lesson 17 [Environment]
Lesson 18
Lesson 18 [Economy]
Assignment Time
Lesson 19
Lesson 19 [Social Issues]
Lesson 20
Lesson 20 [Society]
Answer Writing Time

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