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Not to Forget! [Prelims 2020]

Language: English

Instructors: Acads


Why this course?


Acads from its very inception has been focussed on making rote memorization easy and fun for our learners. Mnemonics and memory tricks have been one of the core and most sought after feature of Acads courses.

Our pedagogy research team is continuously working on new methods and techniques to take this forward. As a pilot project, we are launching beta of our new course "Not To Forget".

The course focuses on using of flash cards, repetitive spacing techniques, smart revision techniques to make hard to remember facts fun to remember.

We'll be launching 30 lessons free for first 5000 Users.

Course Curriculum

Temple Architecture
Temple Architecture
International Relations
Indian Ocean Islands
Mnemonic to Remember Indian Ocean Islands
Important Places in News
Strategic Locations
Schedules of Constitution
Mnemonic [Schedules of Indian Constitution
Modern India
Important Committees from Modern India
Inflation Indices
Mappings and Locations
Aral Sea
Interactive and Adaptive Map for Practice
Caspian Sea

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