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[MAC] Compact Ethics

Study Ethics the Smart Way!

Language: English

Instructors: Acads

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Why this course?


GS4 Ethics paper happens on third day and that too in the second half. Sitting for three hours and writing creative ethical answers is task that is easier said than done.

Don’t rely on your “Conscience” , “Inner voice” or creativity to tackle this paper. Rely only on your hard work. Be as algorithmic and process oriented as possible while tackling this paper.

Acads Compact Ethics aims at helping learners develop mental models though replicable and reproducable content. Based on PYQs, Acads Compact Ethics Course provides learnes with a course that focusses on Mnemonics, diagrams, definitions and keywords to help learners score 130+ in ethics.


Course Curriculum

Part A > Ethics Basics
Ethics Basics_PPT Preview
Ethics Basics_Notes
Ethics Basics_Mnemonics Preview
Ethics Basics_Diagrams Preview
Ethics Basics 1 Preview
Ethics Basics 2 Preview
Ethics Basics 3 Preview
Ethics Basics 4
Part A > Emotional Intelligence
EI_Video Lecture
Part A > Attitude
Attitude_Video Lecture
Attitude_Linked Chapters
Part A > Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter
Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter_PPT
Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter_Video Lecture
Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter_Notes
Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter_Linked Chapters
CC, CG and e-Governance
Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter_Mnemonics
Corporate Governance & Citizen Charter_Diagram
Part A > Sources of Ethical Guidance
Sources of Ethical Guidance_PPT
Sources of Ethical Guidance_Video Lecture
Sources of Ethical Guidance_Notes
Sources of Ethical Guidance_Linked Chapters
Sources of Ethical Guidance
Sources of Ethical Guidance_Diagrams
Part A > Ethics in Public Administration
Ethics in Public Administration_PPT
Ethics in Public Administration_Video Lecture
Ethics in Public Administration_Notes
Ethics in Public Administration_Linked Chapters
Ethics PubAd
Ethics in Public Administration_Mnemonics
Ethics in Public Administration_Diagrams
Part A > Values
Values Theory
Values Theory_Video Lecture
Values Theory
Part A+B > Value Table
Values Table
Value Table 1
Value Table 2
Value Table 3
Value Table 4
Part B > Ethics Case Studies
The Lego Method - Ethics Case Study
Case Study Framework
The Lego Method [Ethics Case Study] I
The Lego Method [Ethics Case Study] II
The Lego Method [Ethics Case Study] III
The Lego Method [Ethics Case Study] IV
Part A > Thinkers

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