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Compact Environment Module

Language: English

Instructors: Marksup

Valid Till: 2024-07-01

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Why this course?


No survey is needed to emphasize upon the difficulty of the subject matter and the available book. 

Even the mightiest of aspirants dread the lists, tables, language and monotony of the books.


To be honest, summarising this book took us the longest. This book had the largest proportion of redundant material. But we proudly present to you our final product.

Course Curriculum

Important Update for future content
Conservation Efforts
Conservation Efforts 1
Conservation Status
Endemic Species
Acts and Policies
Acts and Policies
Acts Wise Bodies
International Organizations, Act, Conventions etc
International Organization and Conventions 1
International Organizations and Convetions 2
Organizations Stemming out of Earth Summit
Envrionment Initiatives
Marksup Climate Change Initiatives
Basics of Environment
2. Functions of an Ecosystem
2B. Biogeochemical Cycles
Terrestrial Ecosystem
Aquatic Ecosystem
Pollution, Renewable Energy and EIA
Environmental Pollution
Renewable energy
Environmental Impact Assessment
Climate Change - Concepts
Climate Change Basics
Ozone Depletion
Mitigation Strategies
India and Climate Change

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